exception pikepdf.PdfError

General pikepdf-specific exception.

exception pikepdf.PasswordError

Exception thrown when the supplied password is incorrect.

exception pikepdf.ForeignObjectError

When a complex object is copied into a foreign PDF without proper methods.

Use Pdf.copy_foreign().

exception pikepdf.OutlineStructureError

Indicates an error in the outline data structure.

exception pikepdf.UnsupportedImageTypeError

This image is formatted in a way pikepdf does not supported.

exception pikepdf.DataDecodingError

Exception thrown when a stream object in a PDF cannot be decoded.

exception pikepdf.DeletedObjectError

When a required object is accessed after deletion.

Thrown when accessing a Object that relies on a Pdf that was deleted using the Python delete statement or collected by the Python garbage collector. To resolve this error, you must retain a reference to the Pdf for the whole time you may be accessing it.

New in version 7.0.